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The B14 LW Bridge is a lightweight and affordable bridging solution based on the popular A14-QS Design.

Due to the use of Nylon PA12 it offers great durability and high strength.

The integrated adjustable dovetail allows for easy optimization to every dovetail mount on the market, the lowest profile is achieved with Wilcox dovetail mounts.

The B14-LW can be used to combine a variety of Nightvision and Thermal devices such as PVS14, MH25 and MUM14, therefore just choose your needed adapters.

For a setup with dual PVS14 just choose PVS14, when 2 different devices are supposed to used (like a MH25) in most cases the PVS14 + MUM14 option is suited.

FW-Solutions B14 LW Bridge

99,99 €Price
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