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The FW-Solutions A14-QS J-Arm is the newest iteration in the articulating J-ARM lineup, it adds a quickswap (QS) feature for left or right side use.The integrated adjustable dovetail allows for easy optimization to every dovetail mount on the market, the lowest profile is achieved with Wilcox dovetail mounts.

At just roughly 27g this is also lighter than the original version without any compromise in features or function.


Articulation has been used for dualtube setups for a long time but also mono units like the PVS-14 can benefit from the feature.Stowed close to the helmet the unit can reduce the counterweight required and will reduce neck strain since it is closer to the center of mass of your head/helmet. Getting in and out of vehicles or moving in confined spaces is also a lot easier due to the slimer profile.The user can also just rotate the nightvision in and out of his eyesight instead of flipping up the whole mount to allow for faster transition or deplyoment.

FW-Solutions A14 QS J-ARM

89,99 €Price
  • weight: 27g

    material: Nylon PA12


    side use: yes



    feature: yes


    manufacturer: FW-Solutions

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